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What Our Customers Love about Using Lutron for Lighting

Plus, The Newest Features You Have to See!

What Our Customers Love about Using Lutron for Lighting

Lutron continues to be the leader in the lighting control systems industry year after year. With this year’s acquisition of Ketra and the introduction of their RadioRA system, Lutron keeps competing to provide the industry’s standard in lighting. At Clever Home Technologies, we primarily use Lutron for our customers’ lighting system needs in their Great Neck, NY-area homes. You will see why when we discuss their rich capabilities and how they combine with your other smart home systems.

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Create With Ease

Customers try smart lighting because they want an intuitive way to save money and set lighting scenes in the home, but what they don’t want is a hassle. As Lutron experts, Clever Home Technologies can work with you to establish what you want and how you want to bring that lighting dream to your home. A user-friendly interface will prove especially helpful if you are implementing motorized shade controls within the same smart home system.

If you have a yacht, we can also bring Lutron to your home away from home. In fact, 2016’s “Best Nautical Installation” award winner, decked out by Lutron’s HomeWorks QS program, boasted more smart home technology than many land-bound homes.

Choose Your Control

You have plenty of choices when determining how you want to use your Lutron system. As you can see from our Lutron user experience page, one touchscreen pad can let you look at all your lighting, as well as energy usage, on one interface. Downloading Lutron’s app gives you remote access to dim your lights, change your lighting tone or shift your shading from wherever you are.

Similarly, if you want some modern updates to traditional light switches, their new, wireless RadioRA 2 feature lets users adjust electric light, daylight and temperature through a wide selection of wall-based controls. Just talk to Clever Home Technologies about the control style that works best with your lifestyle.

Improve Your Mood

Lutron couldn’t stay complacent amid the tunable lighting boom this year. They demonstrated their dedication to offering tunable solutions to customers by buying Ketra Lighting earlier this year. Ketra stands as the most notable name in lighting that mimics circadian rhythms. Following your body’s natural pattern means improved sleep and more wakeful, productive daytime hours.

Who wouldn’t want to change their lives just by tweaking their lighting temperature? With Lutron’s Ketra functionalities, you can engineer your home for a happier, healthier disposition.

Safeguard Your Property

Did you know that Lutron can deflect invaders to your home? Lutron’s HomeWorks features sync with your home security system to detect potential criminals and flash your lights as they approach your home. What guilty person wouldn’t feel intimidated by a flashing bright light?

Similarly, you can use your lighting control system to create a “mockupancy” scene while you’re away. Lights will illuminate your home around your usual arrival time, shades will lower – and no one will suspect your absence.

Why wait?

We know you’ll be amazed when you explore the effects of Lutron in your home, especially when installed by the home automation experts at Clever Home Technologies. The end or beginning of the year is the perfect time to try something new, and lighting control can brighten your life during dreary winter days. Call us at (516) 888-0180 or contact us here for more information.


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