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Use Luxor to Transform Your Landscape Lighting

Here’s What a Lighting Control System Can Do for Your Home

Use Luxor to Transform Your Landscape Lighting

(Photo courtesy of Hunter Industries Incorporated.)

Why limit your lighting control to inside the home when you can manage and customize what’s outside as well? Luxor, one of our partner brands, creates a lighting control system specifically for landscape lighting. Whether you already have an outdoor lighting layout on your Old Westbury, NY property or you’re considering adding one, we recommend looking at Luxor for your control system and its compatible fixtures.

In this blog, we’ll look at what Luxor can do as your landscape lighting control system and run through some of the compatible fixture designs.

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Customize Your Landscape

Here are just a few of the ways the Luxor ZD power controller gives you complete control in customizing your lighting system:

  1. Specify the Light Intensity: If you want to turn your outdoor lights on without committing to full intensity light emission, Luxor doesn’t make you. While you can use the system to completely turn the lights off or on, you also have the option of dimming them from 1 to 100 percent to create a soft glow or to brighten up the property for a bolder effect.

In fact, take it a step further and change the color of your lights when using the compatible FX LED fixtures. The system gives you access to unlimited design possibilities.

With your full-color LCD user interface, Luxor’s lighting control system allows you to customize the brightness and color of your landscape lighting with ease.

  1. Give Your Lights a Schedule: Don’t think you’ll be home to turn on your outdoor lighting system by the time the sun sets? Not a problem. With Luxor’s zoning technology, you can program and schedule lights to turn on at designated times.

Additionally, you may want to activate them for special occasions like a party or casual get-together.

Incorporate FX LED fixtures with zoning capabilities into your landscape so you can manage when they’re on and at what brightness levels. When you utilize the system’s event-based scheduling, you can change the dimming percentages of a single group of lights throughout the night. This means you’re not stuck with one brightness level; just schedule them to brighten or dim at various times, 

Add a Variety of Lighting Fixtures

Not every lighting fixture design will have the same effect. Let’s break down some of the LED products that are compatible with Luxor’s lighting control system and what usages they’re best for.

Directional: These provide texture and depth to the setting they’re applied to. They can be adjusted to face a specific point or area and direct its light accordingly.

Area: These are designed to illuminate walkways and any other hard surfaces throughout the landscape. They act as a safe solution for otherwise dark areas where you may anticipate any foot traffic.

Recessed: These can be installed on walls and stonework to not only establish the perimeter of your landscape but also function as a safety feature while softly highlighting their surface.

Underwater: This design’s brass-construction guarantees durability and is available in multiple sizes and light colors. Illuminate your pool with these reliable, color-optional lights to create the ambiance you want and navigate safely.

Ready to get full control of your landscape lighting? We’d love to chat. Reach out to us online or give us a call at (516) 888-0180.

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