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Feel Better Throughout Your Day with Savant’s Daylight Mode

Your home lighting control system can help you feel better

Feel Better Throughout Your Day with Savant’s Daylight Mode

Lighting is an essential part of your home technology. Even if you haven’t experienced the convenience of smart home automation, your home lighting control system is something you use every day. And when you upgrade with Savant, usage becomes easier than ever. Thanks to automated controls and one-touch interfaces, you can use multiple fixtures in your Long Island, NY home with minimal controls. And the best part? Savant lighting helps you feel better throughout the day, too. Want to learn more? Keep reading.


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What Is Daylight Mode?

Savant has taken note of the trend toward wellness in smart lighting control, and they’ve added their unique brand of convenience and style to a system that reflects the way you react to light throughout the day.

The basic concept behind circadian lighting is simple: sunlight changes throughout the day, gradually becoming more intense in the morning, and less intense as noon turns to night. Not only does the light become dimmer, but the color temperature shifts from bright white to warmer yellow and orange tones to help you prepare for nighttime rest. So, why doesn’t your smart lighting system do the same?

With Daylight Mode and compatible, tunable white LED or WRGB fixtures, your system can automatically and gradually adjust throughout the day to reflect your natural circadian rhythms. That means you can be more active in the daytime and ready to sleep at night.

Plus, you can even program different settings for each user profile. So, while your schedule may be different than the rest of your family, each member can enjoy the benefits of a personalized lighting system.

Daylight Mode also enhances your favorite scenes. If you've customized scenes for any room, the brightness and intensity will adjust based on the time of day. You can still enjoy your system as you usually would. The adjustments will seem nearly imperceptible.


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At Clever Home Technology, we specialize in designing and installing smart home systems that are easy-to-use and deliver convenience in your day-to-day life. From lighting and shading to AV and security, we can build a system that improves your lifestyle.


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