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Enhance Your Home Automation System, CES 2019 Style!

Add cutting-edge features to your home in The Hamptons, NY

Enhance Your Home Automation System, CES 2019 Style!

If you’ve worked with Clever Home Technologies before, you know how passionate we are about bringing you the newest, fastest and more innovative technology into your home. We learned a lot at CES 2019 and can’t wait to talk about showing it off within your space. Keep reading for a few ideas that can modernize your home for the year ahead!

No matter which room you want to change, CES 2019 had some smart technology for that. From modular TVs to an intelligent shower, we’re unveiling some of the coolest inventions to date.

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Modernizing Media

Some of the most exciting video displays emerged from one of our partners, LG. CES featured LG’s Alexa-enabled TV last year, the ThinQ AI. This TV employs multiple AI learning techniques revolutionizing how we currently use voice control. For example, “conversational voice recognition” features will enable devices to understand questions and commands more contextually, so users won’t have to repeat themselves. LG will also unveil a Signature OLED TV R, which features its hyped, rollable format that rises out of its soundbar base.


Speaking of TVs, Samsung’s massive, 146-inch screen, dubbed “The Wall,” stunned viewers. The device uses MicroLED technology to deliver high resolution and a modular format that can change the size of the TV. This means you can add or remove modules to the display to increase or decrease its size without affecting picture quality. Yes – we said you could increase its size – but you’re going to need high ceilings!


Interested in audio? Sonos keeps teasing a voice-controlled model powered by Google, and they finally showed off the Google-Sonos integration at CES 2019. This automation feature means that you can talk to your Sonos speakers from anywhere in the house using Google’s AI assistant, and your speakers can now activate your smart home functions.


Taking Tech to the Kitchen and Bathrooms

In the kitchen, we’re finding that Alexa wants to take control of the once-simple coffee maker. We’re also ready for the rise of the Samsung Family Hub Fridge that can help you make grocery lists, organize your household activities and play music. If you have a Samsung TV, you can mirror it onto your fridge.


If you enjoy cooking, you’re in luck. We’ve also read about a cheesemaker, voice-controlled pressure cookers and even an all-in-one KitchenAid tool that sautees, fries, boils and much more.


Bathroom devices include the unmentionable smart toilets (We’re not joking!). We previewed an intelligent shower that you can program to exact temperatures.


Also, smart mirrors popped up everywhere on the CES show floor. The Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi Assist with Google Assistant gives you weather and traffic updates, news stories and music to prepare you for the workday – all playing with excellent acoustics, of course. It features tru-lux technology to replicate natural sunlight, so you can see your face’s every detail while getting ready.


Whole-Home Benefits

If Lutron can lead the pack in lighting control, why not also reinvent how we use fans? Caseta by Lutron recently announced their smart fans, which you can control via your voice when you integrate it with Alexa or Google Home.


This year will finally manifest mass-market proof of 5G capabilities. 5G will bring a new era of connectivity and speed between all your distributed smart home devices, so stay tuned for updates as the year progresses!


See CES for Yourself!

Ready to talk about how your home automation system can work with some of these life-changing devices? Clever Home Technologies would love to talk to you about enhancing your home in 2019!


If you’re curious about how to fit any of this technology into your home, reach out to us here or give us a call at (516) 888-0180.


We can’t wait to hear from you!

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