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4 Reasons Your Home Theater Outshines the Cineplex

Embrace summer blockbusters in your own home with a home theater installation

4 Reasons Your Home Theater Outshines the Cineplex

One of the most popular activities to beat the summer heat is finding somewhere air conditioned to retreat and watch a movie. Usually, that means you’re joining many other people who also want to catch the hotly anticipated action thriller or comedy in the same, overcrowded cineplex.

Though a date night or friends’ outing at a cineplex certainly has its merits, we know nothing competes with settling down for entertainment in your Old Westbury haven. With a home theater installation, customized with every feature you prioritize, you'll be well on your way to wonderful nights indoors all summer long. Keep reading to see why we think there’s no place like home for relaxing with a movie or TV show.

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You Can Enjoy Your Movie in Peace

We’ve all been to the theater after weeks of waiting to see a particular movie. We get settled in, grab some refreshments, and suddenly hear a baby’s piercing scream or a child talking right behind you. Wouldn’t you prefer relaxing in a customized home theater installation, tailored perfectly to your unique needs?

For an ultimate escape, we can even soundproof your room with acoustic treatments so you can relax while watching your movie. Sound panels can diffuse or absorb sound, depending on your particular acoustic requirements. Clever Home Technologies’ expert team will examine your room size and seating placement to determine the ideal configuration for every audio element, including speakers, soundproofing, receivers, amplifiers and any other equipment you need. 

You Always Get the Choicest Seat

You’ve probably learned by now that unless you arrive at the cineplex about 15 minutes before the movie starts, you more than likely won’t get the best seat. When you have a home theater you can always claim that enviable middle seat with the footrests.

In fact, you even get to decide what that ideal movie chair looks like: For some, that might entail a sleek chaise lounge, while others prefer the ubiquitous leather recliner. Clever Home Technologies can help you find seating that reflects your design taste and place it so that everyone can watch the movie without craning their neck or straining to hear the dialogue.


You Can Embrace the “My House, My Rules” Mentality

When you’re watching entertainment in your own home, you get to dictate your surroundings. Does the movie theater air conditioning feel freezing to you? Do you dislike sitting in nearly complete darkness?

You can integrate your HVAC system and control it all from one remote while you watch TV using our trusted home automation control brand, URC. Whether you prefer a touchscreen panel, a remote control or your voice, URC allows you to turn up the volume, manage the temperature, power on the accent lights and manage nearly any function you choose. Convenience and safety come into play since you can view who rings your doorbell, then let them in or communicate in one button click, if necessary.


You’re Not Limited to Indoor Environments

Long Island experiences temperate, pleasant weather during most of the summer, especially at night. Clever Home Technologies ensures you enjoy the warm breeze by bringing your entertainment outdoors. With flexible, wireless audio systems like Sonos, an outdoor TV display and a supportive network, you can move your favorite media right where you want to lounge—outside, next to the patio or pool.

Thrilled at the prospect of creating your own, relaxing space to immerse yourself in your movies—your way? You can always contact us for a hassle-free consultation to get started. Call us at (516) 888-0180 or contact us here for more information. Our team looks forward to hearing from you!

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