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3 New Ways to Upgrade Your Smart Home

Explore the Latest in Smart Home Technology

3 New Ways to Upgrade Your Smart Home

One of the things we love most about smart technology is that it’s always changing. You don’t have to stick with the same devices and features year after year. Instead, you can explore the different new possibilities for your home automation system and find the features that make sense for your lifestyle!

Below, we dig into three technologies that have been very popular in the Great Neck, NY area lately. Check them out and consider whether they’re a good fit for your home—whether you’re starting from scratch with smart technology or a longtime home automation user.


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1. Voice Control

It is probably not a surprise to anyone that we’ve included voice control in our list of top new upgrades. Amazon Alexa and Google Home have taken the smart technology world by storm. But we believe that voice control is not a fleeting trend that will go away after a year or two. There really are a lot of advantages to integrating voice control into existing smart home systems.

The technology is easy to implement, and it can make things a lot simpler for everyday tasks like turning on the lights, playing music, or adjusting the volume on the TV. The hands-free commands are great when you’re in the middle of an activity and don’t want to reach for your phone or a remote.


2. Smart Outdoor Entertainment

The great outdoors isn’t usually the first thing to come to mind when someone says “home automation system,” but there’s no reason why your enjoyment of smart technology has to stop whenever you step foot on your patio.

The big trend lately is to add smart landscape lighting, outdoor speakers, and weather-resistant televisions to your backyard or verandah. Using the same system that controls your indoor technology, you can easily start up a movie while you relax in the jacuzzi or host a fun party with festive lighting and music.


3. LED Lighting

Speaking of lighting, if you haven’t made the switch the LEDs yet, now is the time. The energy savings alone make upgrading to LED lighting a good idea, but it doesn’t stop there.

In the context of your home automation system, LED lighting offers much more variety than traditional incandescent bulbs. You have more opportunity for embracing fun hues that match the décor of each room, and changing the colors of the lighting is as simple as pulling out your smartphone.


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There are many more technologies we could highlight in this article, but of course, the best way to learn about the newest home automation trends that might be a good fit for your property is to give us a call! You can reach us at (516) 888-0180 or by filling out this quick questionnaire.


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